It finally worked. 'Bout bloody time too.

Wonders of modern technology, pig's bum. (he he, I said bum!)

Here we go again....

I'm doing this in bits, because it seems to be the only way I can get this wretched Blog ot upload (grumble, mutter, whinge)

Cut through the narrow channels, and then turn the binding fabric through and press. It looks like a humungeous mess at the moment, but once the raw edges are all sewn down it will be nice and neat and properly finished. The end result should look a bit like this:

There's a fair bit of hand-sewing in my immediate future! It's getting there, but I need to get a move on if I want to wear it to Cold War (which I do, because it will be wool and therefore nice and toasty. Cold War is aptly named.....)

Sleeves of molten mag-ma

I fear that there is no escaping - this will be the volcano dress forever more. It certainly doesn't help that it's brown wool, and the sleeves are lined with pumpkin orange.

I finished the slashing on the first sleeve, and have taken some photos along the way. The first step is to mark out the position of the slashes. Then sew a rectangle of fabric to the right side (fashion fabric side) in a very thin channel, similar to a button hole, but straight stitch rather than zig-zag. There should be enough fabric to turn to the other side and then fold the raw edges under.

Why does Blogger suck so badly?

I bet it uploads this post....

Less about volcanos and more about sleeves.....

The sleeves that I'm going to put on my Kampfrau frock are gong to be puff-slashy kind of jobs, but cut all in one piece, which will make the pattern a little tricky. I decided the look of the picture in the previous post was what I was going for, and it was the little panel of unslashed bit on the inside that would dictate the cutting pattern. I ended up cutting an S-curve, so the seam would run down the back of the arm, rather than from the armpit. At the elbow the sleeves kind of puff out a bit, so I should get a nice puff.

At the moment I'm trying to deside whether to line the sleeves with linen or not. It's a fabulous burnt orange/pumpkin linen. Pro - it will look good (which is of course the most important thing!) and it will be easier to put on. Con - the wool on it's own would be more grabby, and would mean that I'm not hitching my sleeves up all the time.

Hmmm, vanity or practicality? I have a sneaking suspicion that vanity will win.

The smell of the orange vegies turning brown and smooshy in the oven is driving me crazy, I might come back when I'm fortified with food.


This post was just about to contain lots of swearing. Then I published it, and realised that the post I've spent half the night trying to upload was there after all.

Well, most of it......

About 2/3rds of the way through it starts talking about volcanoes......I must be chanelling some news network or something, because I didn't write that bit. What I did write was stuff about my sleeves, but Blogger managed to screw that up as well.

I've had enough - I'm going to bed. I might try again tomorrow. Grrrr.

Nope, make that fourth time lucky...

Previously "Why do computers suck so much", and before that was going to be called "Can you buy motivation in a tin?"

But Blogger decided to suck arse like nobody's business, and shut down on me. Twice.

The second time I tried I was talking about procrastination, and that Baggy Trousers and Miss Krin have been discussing it themselves, but that I would be their queen, because I am so much better at it (no, really). I talked a bit about reading Patricia Cornwell and Harry Potter, and eating left over scones from Charlie's Edwardian tea that I hosted. Then I tried to add a picture, and that seemed to work, although it put the picture in the wrong spot, and then Blogger fell over on it's face and wouldn't talk to me any more, so I closed it down, thinking that my post was saved as a draft........


$%#@*ing computers. >:-(

Oh, and then it did it all again. So I chucked a tamtrum that would do a 3-year-old proud and went and sulked in front of the telly for a bit. The unbelivable crapness of the programming forced me to come back to the computer again.

Right, so here's the dress I wanted to talk about - I'm making a Kampfrau style frock from chocolate brown flannel, and it will be guarded in a nice tan wool in a kind One of more than 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia, Merapi last erupted in 1994, killing about 60 people. Some 1,300 people were killed when the volcano erupted in 1930.