I still haven't worked out how to use this thing yet. It's all a bit technomalogical for me....meh, it's bound to get better.

What's been doing? I've been to Festival - if you ever see me doing merchant stuff again it's because I've been taken by aliens and brainwashed...call the CIA or someone. It's not terribly onerous or horrible, but it's reeeaally time consuming, and not particularly rewarding. I didn't have any new clothes for me to wear, but Rusty had a whole new wardrobe! I made him 2 shirts (and almost got them both finished, too), 2 tunics, a hood and a coif, all in 14thC style. Unfortunately, because we are both crap, we didn't get any photos of Rusty in his fabulous new getup.

Ahh, but now Festy-val is over, and I can concentrate on frock making again. Hooray!! I need to get cracking on the brown wool kampfrau frock, and then there's the black Cranach-that's-not-a-Cranach that's been in a state of half-doneness for ooooh months now. I'd really like to work on the Glorified dress, but I think I need to finish the 2 that I'm working on before starting another.