More views from the floor......

One of the things that seem to happen when people get drunk and nick your stuff is this:

And, of course, because you were also drunk this happens:

And then somehow you find pictures of yourself on the internet in your underwear......

Oh dear. I hope my grandmother isn't watching.

Scoundrels & thieves

In answer to your question, Baggy Trousers, yes, it WAS my camera you stole.......

Erm, I think.......does anyone recognise those fillings?

Kids: remember how your mum used to tell you that if you didn't wash in your ears potatoes would grow in them? Well here's your proof. Good shot of the hat tho'

Thieves & scoundrels

I say, had a rather smashing time Saturday night, wot wot? A jolly decent shindig was thrown by my good friends, a lot of G&T's were drunk (with pinkies out), and some fiendish devil "liberated" my camera.

Are we sensing a common denominator here? Can we perhaps find a culprit for this dastardly theft? Can trust these young gels of today. Ruining the country, they are.

Tally ho, and toodle pip!!

Did I do any sewing last night?

Dahn't be daft! Of course I didn't do any bloody sewing!

I spent the night updating my blog (isn't it pretty) and updating my links - which leads to reading ohter people's blogs (which in turn leads to reading blogs linked to those blogs and so on ad infinitum). Then all of a sudden it's bedtime.

I had a lovely evening on Friday. I met up with Miss Droopy Draws and Upside-down Miss Jane at the pub. Somebody else must have drunk the first beer (I swear, there was much more than that in the glass when I put it down!), so I had another one. Those beers were sweet, sweet ambrosia from the gods, I tells you. The others drifted in, in their own good time - Mr H, Miss DV, Mr Snerg and Miss Meg. Then we went for food - had the yummiest chinese food I've had in a long time - we all ate our fill for the bargain price of twelve dorra! (not to self: I owe Mr H twelve dorra). What a way to spend your time, eh? With good beer and good food in the company of some of the nicest people in the world. (oh lord, that sounds really sucky even to me.....)

You may wonder why I'm rambling on about what I did on Friday as if you'd care - well, after I posted the last post, to share with you what I feel to be the highlight of Alan Jones' career, I realised it may be just a tad confronting to see what a country man Alan is. This way you at least have to scroll down the page a bit to see the only true rude word left in the english language.

Let this then serve as your warning!

Alan Jones is King....

............of prats. I love the way he's constantly making a complete tit out of himself.

Here, for example, is the great man, showing his true colours. Ah Alan, may you always be standing in just the wrong spot.