Weekend of culture

Went to see the ballet with JD on Saturday night. It left me speechless.

The ballet in question is Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake. This is the one where the swans are male, rather than the traditional female swans. While it creates an interesting tension between the prince and the lead swan, it also gives the swans an added strength and menace, along with their grace. The result left me with my mouth hanging open....

The story, very briefly, is of a young prince who is pampered, but unloved. His mother is remarkably free with her affections to her footman, her driver, her dog walker....just about anyone who, er, takes her fancy, but she cannot show her son any love, even though he desperate for any sign of affection from her. He goes off to throw himself in the lake, and comes across the swan, falls in love, decides not to off himself after all.

A grand masque is thrown for the prince, to find him a wife. The swan turns up, in human form, makes out with all the chicks, and a bit of a tussle ensues with the prince (who apparently isn't quite ready to accept his one true love as a man, just as a swan). The tussle turns ugly, a girl gets shot. The prince finds himslef turfed into a mental ward, where the swan everntually rescues him. But all is not well!!

The other swans turn on our hero, who dies, and the prince, bereft of his only love, dies of a broken heart. The queen comes in to find her only son dead, and finally shows him the heart that she has been hiding (and could have saved his life), In a kind of background shot, the lights come on, showing the prince cradled in the wings of his swan, showing that they are together at last.

Cue the lights, to find me with tears pouring down my face. JD asks me if I'm OK....

"no" I reply in a small voice. Pathetic, really.

It really was a breathtaking show. The first half was filled with humour - almost a vaudville touch. And the second half, needless to say, was filled with tragedy.

Time keeps on slipping into the future....

I need a new job. One that offers me a large number of hours doing nothing (at a very high rate of remuneration), while allowing me full access to the internet.......

Yeah, right.

Although my web presence has been very slight lately, that's not because I'm crap (well it is, but you guys are my friends and will allow me the fiction that I'm not actually all that crap), but because I have been busy:

  • I ran 12th night. It was a lovely event, contrary to the whining by some stupid prats on the Lochac list. The weather was lovely, everyone was relaxed, there were lots of kids there, the sorbet was a great hit, and I didn't have to spend any time at all in a kitchen.
  • I finished the cuffs on the beaded dress of doom, and entered them into the WCoB comp, and won a prize! I am now working on the guard on the upper part of the sleeve. This is a bit scary, because it means that I am going to have to fit the bodice soon, so that I can work out the shape for the guard for that bit. Yikes, that sounds a bit too close to actually building the frock for my liking!!
  • All the tabs for the tent are sewn on! (I know, I barely belive it myself!). All that I need to do now for the roof part is sew it all together. I'm hoping to give that a burl on the weekend.
  • And, true to form, work has been incessantly busy. We don't seem to get much of a quiet period at all. It goes from "Oh my god I must get this project finished before xmas" to "Right-o, back to the grind, lets get on with it, chop, chop" with only a short period of rest and catch up with all the things I didn't get finished last year in between. Meh.
Sp there you go - that's pretty much a run down of January for you. At least I managed 2 whole posts this month....... (well, nearly. I wrote this post on the 31st, but then Blogger had one of it's many "I'm just going to go away now" moments, and I couldn't upload it)