Grrr. Argh.

I have come to the conclusion that Blogger is designed for use with IE. It doesn't seem to like Firefox at all. I struggle and struggle, and the damn thing still won't upload. I curse and swear and kick the cat (not really, just saying), go away for 10 minutes (and find a message that tells me that the server has timed itself out or some such bullshit) and all to no avail. So I post through IE, and it downloads instantly.

I blame Jeff Kennett.

Green grows me bogling fork!! Part II

Actually, me bogling fork has been lying idle for many a long week (although I did get to threaten Fitz with a jabbing from it's pointy, pointy tines).

It's me garden that's growing green! Look!! (And my blog too! What do you think of the new format?)

(note to self: when uploading your photos, try to make them a little smaller than 280,375 MB so they don't use your entire upload limit at once, and so they fit on the page, goatbrain)

I have been making good use of my time today, grubbing about in the dirt like a peasant. So far today I have:
  • hoed the front garden (hey skanky ho, whatchoo doin' in my garden!?)
  • pulled out a lot of weeds (and not the good kind)
  • mowed the lawn
  • went to the plant shop and bought tomatoes and lettuce and corn. And herbs, yummy, sweet smelling herbs
  • planted tomatoes and lettuce and corn, and watered and mulched (the hardest bit was getting the highly compacted sugarcane mulch out of the packet!). Look, look! There are my veggies in all their minute glory
  • I was going to lay another course of bricks on the highly complicated herb garden we're building, but I couldn't find the trowel. When I asked Mr Fe2O3* where he'd put it after laying the first course, he said he hadn't used it, he'd used his hands. Oh, so debonair and sophisticated........

Now I'm all showered and clean and fighting a dirty fight with Blogger over formatting issues (no, no, I want the picture to go there! Why do you keep changing the font? You bastard! What did you delete that for?!?). Sigh. I'm obviously not nerdy enough.**

Tonight, while Himself saves Pendle Hill from vampires, I'm going to attempt something that was supposed to have been completed 3 years ago - I'm going to sew some of my tent. Well, that's the plan, anyway. I'll have to get back to you as to whether I've been successful in my mission......

*the chemical composition of iron oxide, otherwise known as rust(y)
**maybe not, but nerdy enough to know the chemical composition of iron oxide........

Where the bad t-shirts go

Time for some funny pictures, I think.

I'm thinking I should get this for Dad for xmas. Would that be wrong? (more to the point, how many minutes would my life expectancy be?)

And of course a random kitty shot pulled from the endlessly funny stuff on my cat dot com.

That's all for now.

Cool stuff, as promised.

See? It does take a goodly while to download though. So go and grab a cuppa and come back.

Stuff on my blog! dot com

Oh lordy - a whole month went by without a single entry. I am as crap as a really crap thing.

I've been finding that there is only so much time in the day to do the things that I want to do - I can sew, or read other peoples blogs (and assorted interesting information that this often leads to) or write on my own blog, but certainly don't have time for all three.

Since the original aim of this blog was to preserve for prosperity the making (and subsequent wearing) of fancy frocks for Scadian purpoises, I really should actually be documenting the making of these frocks. Instead, I've just been making the frocks. And failing to get myself photographed in them. Oops.

In my next post, I'm gonna put something really cool. Promise.