Mighty - a blast from the past

Back in 2003, a bardic competition was being run for Spring War - a patriotic piece about your Barony or Canton (or Kingdom!). Points would be deducted for gratuitous overuse of the word "mighty". Needless to say, this provided all the inspiration I needed to aim for minimum points. The poem kept evolving, but this is probably it at it's best. I thought I would preserve it here, so that I don't lose it. It's awfully silly, but is still worth preserving...

Mighty are the men from Stowe
by Hunydd

Mighty are the men from Stowe
In mighty chests pride mightily grows

Mighty are the things they wear
from mighty foot to mighty hair
Mighty are the things they know
from mighty head to mighty toe

Mighty are the men from Stowe
Mighty men in mighty hose

Mighty are the things they eat
mighty plates of mighty meat
Mighty are the things they say
"I was most mighty, the other day"

Mighty are the men from Stowe
With mighty ears and mighty nose

Mighty are their women folk
with mighty laughs at mighty jokes
Yes, mighty are these women, too
with all the mighty things they do

Mighty are the men from Stowe
and mighty are the girls they know

To mighty Torg, a toast with mead
and mighty Alfar, a friend indeed
These mighty knights we aim to please
and mighty Corin, Mightecles!

Mighty are the men from Stowe
And mighty are the knights they know

Mighty are our fighters all
mighty broad and mighty tall
Mighty heavies, mighty lights
mighty men in mighty tights

Mighty are the men from Stowe
putting on a mighty show

Mighty archers heft their bows
Fire mighty rains of mighty arrows
Mighty men with rapier foils
to mighty Stowe are mighty loyal

Mighty are the men from Stowe
(place mighty bets, win mighty dough)

With mighty swords to cleave the helmets
of mighty opponents who are well met
on mighty list fields at mighty tourneys
(making many a maiden mighty horny)

Mighty are the men from Stowe
with mighty manhoods down below

Mightily they march to battle
with mighty foes to test their mettle
Each mighty foeman met with ease
force mighty foes to mighty knees

Mighty are the men from Stowe
to mighty knees they force their foes

Mighty are the songs they sing
of mighty war and mighty things
mighty are the beers they brew
in mighty mugs for me and you

Mighty are the men from Stowe
and mighty beers wet mighty throats

Here concludes my mighty tale
of mighty men and mighty ale
of mighty women and mighty war
and mighty things we're fighting for

Mighty are the men of Stowe
But I'm mighty tired now, and I'm going to go.
I went last Wednesday, but forgot to record the details. Needless to say, it was only slightly less painful than pulling teeth...

This week's stats:

Didn't go on Monday, on account of the chundering done on Sunday night...


  • 20 mins of walking on the treadmill - between 5 and 5.8kph
  • 1 minute of running - 9.5kph
  • 30 mins on the eliptical runner - varying between fast, slow, and high resistance
  • 26 push-ups
  • 26 tricep dips
Woogly now... oh so very woogly.
I didn't go at all last week - the gym isn't air conditioned, and it was just too darn hot.

So, todays gym stats:

  • Walked for 30 mins (approx 3 kms)
  • Ran for 1 minute at 9km/h (don't laugh - that's a good effort for me)
  • 15 mins on the elliptical runner, some really fast, some a bit slow
  • 20 push ups
  • 20 tricep dips
Everything is a little bit shaky now, must have worked hard enough!

See yoo Jimmeh!

That really needs a Glaswegian font...

So, been going to the gym, to try to offload some of the fat and unfit. Progress reports have been requested, so here goes!

Session 1: (Monday fortnight ago) Gangbusters! Did 1/2 an hour on the treadmill, moderate walk, and 15 mins on the elliptical runner.

Session 2: (the following Wednesday) Even more gangbusters! Same as above, faster walk, much faster on the runner. Pushed out 20 each of push-ups and tricep dips. Not many, but they were all good ones.

Session 3: Last Wed. Oh. My. God. Kill me now... Did half an hour in total. Struggled for every second.

Session 4: Tuesday just gone - 1/2 an hour, 15 mins each, fast walk and high speed runner. Thank goodness the dire wah wah is over!

Session 5: This arvo. Not so good as Tues. Half an hour. Fast walk, high speed runner. Ankle was hurting, and I think it was just a bit too hot (yup, I picked a cheap gym with no aircon...)

So I think that my body is getting over the initial shock of the unaccustomed exercise, and my endurance should start to improve a bit. I'm not too fussed about short sessions at this point - better to do 20 mins of intense, and work up a sweat, that 40 mins of lacklustre.

Starving! Chooky and salad wraps, here I come!

Made from Fail...

Today I...

  • Left the air-conditioner on in the bedroom
  • Left the fridge door slightly ajar
  • Left the back door open, and the screen unlocked
Apparently, I was trying to keep the house cool for the kitties, or something. I'm not looking forward to the next electricity bill.

Hey! I'm walkin' here!

The walking seems to be helping. At least it's starting to hurt later into the walk and less all told. I haven't had the urge to drive home all week...

In other news - I thought I owned two cats, but apparently I own one cat and one pig in a cat costume. And it's not the cat you'd expect who is the food-a-holic. She must have hollow legs, or an enormous stomach that exists in another dimension. I really hate people, even small furry ones, who can eat and eat and eat and are still skinny. Hah! A pox on you all! Unless of course I actually like you, in which case I only hate you a little bit. I don't care that this doesn't make sense - it's my blog, it doesn't have to!


I went for a walk this afternoon. I'm fairly sure that all this accomplished was to drive home just how horribly unfit I am at the moment. I can see that there's going to need to be a lot more walking in the immediate future to remedy this sorry state of affairs.